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Illegal Dumping
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Report Illegal Dumping

Help keep our city clean by reporting illegal dumping:

If you see dumping in public spaces, like sidewalks or streets Call: (408) 535-3500
Online: My San Jose
Phone app: My San Jose
If you see dumping on freeways or off-ramps Report to CalTrans
If you see dumping in progress Call San José Police: (408) 277-8900
If you have photo, video, or license plate evidence of people dumping on public or private property Email

Environmental Services will investigate and potentially issue a citation.


Free items left on the curb are considered illegally dumped!Dumping large items is illegal
Individuals who are caught illegally dumping can be fined:
Violation Fine
1st $2,500
2nd $5,000
3rd+ $10,000 each

Placing items by the curb with a “Free” sign is illegal dumping. Fortunately, you can schedule a free junk pickup instead.

example of public litter canLitter Versus Illegal Dumping

Litter is small amounts of trash that pollute our streets and creeks. The City has installed over 850 public litter cans (PLCs) in high pedestrian areas to help keep San José clean. The contents of these PLCs are sorted to capture recyclables and organics. To report a vandalized or damaged PLC, please complete the Public Litter Can (PLC) Service Request Form.

Illegal dumping occurs when people dump large amounts of garbage such as furniture, appliances, and hazardous waste instead of disposing of it properly. Dumped materials attract additional dumping and criminal activities, lower economic value, and are a health and safety problem.

Learn about our efforts to remove and prevent illegal dumping.

Tips for Businesses

If illegal dumping occurs on your property, call Republic Services at (408) 432-1234 to order a pickup and get information on lock service for your bin. In addition to locks, to prevent future dumping:
  • Keep your waste area clean – dirty waste areas attract more dumping
  • Install cameras and motion-activated lighting
  • Post “No Dumping” and “Cameras in Use” signs
  • Read the Illegal Dumping FAQs for Businesses for more information

Frequently Asked Questions about Illegal Dumping

Read FAQs for: