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Youth Commission

Commission Duties
DUTIES :11 Members - 2 Year Terms
The Youth Commission was formed to foster greater involvement of youth in municipal government, specifically to study any problems, activities and concerns of youth relating to municipal policies, programs or projects of the City of San Jose. The Commission makes recommendations to the City Council and to the Recreation, Parks and Community Services Department on these issues, conducts forums to involve youth in the governmental decision-making process.

The Youth Commission meetson the 4th Monday of the month at6:30 P.M. at City Hall Council Chambers.In general,Commissioners spend 10-15 hours each month preparing for andattending the regular meeting. Commissioners may spend an additionalfivehours a month attending subcommittee meetings.

Meeting Materials

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Additional Information

Member Qualifications
The eleven membersof this Commission serve two year terms.Commissioners must be at least14 years old, and no more than20 years old at the time of their appointment.One member isappointed from each City Council District, and must be aresident of that District. One member is appointed at large and must bea resident of the City of San Jose. Members are appointed toreflect asnearly as possible the diverse, demographiccharacteristics of the youthpopulation of the City.

Political Reform Act of 1974
The Conflicts of Interest section of the Political Reform Act applies tothe Parks and Recreation Commission; however, Commission Members arenot required to file a Statement of Economic Interests.

Appointment Process
The CouncilMember, in whose district the vacancy exists,makes appointments tothe Youth Commission. Copies of allapplications received will be submittedto the appropriateCouncil Member for review and selection. The newlyappointedYouth Commissioners then participate in a swearing-in ceremony,which will be held during the evening session of a Council meeting.

Commissioners are expectedto attend all Commissionmeetings. San Jose Municipal Code Section2.08.060 requiresthat a Commissioner who has unexcused absences fromany threeconsecutive regular meetings, or 20% of the meetings in acalendar year, is deemed to have resigned from the Commission.

For further information about the Committee,please contact the Committee Staff at 408-793-5559.

The Commission actsin an advisorsy capacity to the CityCouncil with the Council as thefinal decision-making body.The Youth Commission also directly advisesthe Parks,Recreation and Neighborhood Services Department on youthprograms that are sponsored by the Department.

There is no compensationfor serving on the Youth Commission..