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Traffic Safety Section
200 E. Santa Clara St.
8th Floor
San Jose, CA 95113
Phone: (408) 535-3850
Fax:     (408) 292-6092

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Traffic Safety
We are one of the safest cities in the nation relative to traffic safety. Crashes involving injuries on our streets have steadily dropped over the years in part due to a variety of engineering, education and enforcement services.
We provides the safe and efficient movement of pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles by:
  • Optimizing traffic flow.
  • Installing traffic improvements.
  • Delivering traffic safety education to school children and seniors.
  • Providing parking compliance services in school and other safety zones.
  • Coordinating traffic enforcement needs with the Police Department.
  • Reviewing development plans for any needed safety improvements.

Traffic Engineering
Services performed to enhance traffic safety include:
  • Pedestrian Safety – crosswalk studies and bus stop investigations.
  • Schools – review of traffic and parking needs in school zones, and crossing guard studies.
  • Disabled Parking – review of requests for on-street disabled parking spaces.
  • Intersection/Driveway Safety – stop sign studies and review of visibility concerns.
  • Speed Surveys – state mandated engineering surveys to support speed limits.
  • Traffic Impact Review – review of private development plans and capital project plans to determine safety issues.

To request traffic engineering services, please email , or call 408-535-3850.

Traffic & Parking Enforcement

Traffic Enforcement 
Our Traffic Enforcement Unit (TEU) helps:
  • Reinforce good driving, biking, and walking behaviors. 
  • Encourages residents, neighborhood groups, and schools to request traffic enforcement through its online request form.
  • Provide specific information regarding concerns.

Parking Compliance 

We provides support to schools and neighborhoods to encourage compliance with local and state parking regulations.

Specific areas of focus include:
  • school zones.
  • no parking/stopping zones.
  • disabled parking spaces.
  • curb ramps.
  • crosswalks.

If you would like to make a service request, please call (408) 277-8900 or email Parking Compliance.

Traffic Calming

What is Traffic Calming? 
Our way of managing traffic so that its negative impacts on residents, pedestrians, and schools are minimized:
  • Traffic and parking enforcement services.
  • Educating school children and neighborhood groups about safety.
  • Installing various engineering devices, such as a crosswalk to enhance visibility of pedestrians or traffic islands to slow traffic movements.

Traffic Calming Toolkit
  • The traffic calming toolkit serves as a guidebook for residents and community leaders. 
  • The toolkit describes various traffic calming measures, including their intended application, pros and cons, and approximate costs. 
  • The toolkit also includes information about Council Policy 5-6, Traffic Calming Policy for Residential Neighborhoods. 

Traffic Safety Education
Have you ever had a close call while in a car or crossing the street?
Most of us have, and that’s why we created the Street Smarts Traffic Safety Education Program to address driver, pedestrian, and bicyclist behavior.

Street Smarts
  • Is a nationally-recognized  program that has been working with schools, neighborhoods, seniors, and other communities to improve safety on our streets. 
  • The current focus is on helping school children learn how to be safer pedestrians and cyclists, and educating seniors on how to make smarter and safer choices while on the road. 

Do you want to learn more about traffic safety?
Download our traffic safety tips.
Explore the Street Smarts website and discover all the programs and resources available.

To request a Traffic Safety Education presentation at a elementary or middle school or senior citizen centers, contact or call (408) 975-3238.