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Guidelines for Successful Recycled Water Use
As part of our commitment to customer use of recycled water, South Bay Water Recycling (SBWR) provides a short course for site supervisors. The workshop includes information to assist in the effective operation and management of a recycled water irrigation system. Property owners and facility managers whose sites are served with recycled water are responsible for their on-site recycled water systems. Each site must have a certified site supervisor. Site supervisors become certified by attending one of these quarterly workshops to fulfill their recycled water permit requirements.

Training Workshop Schedule
Date Time Location
November 7, 2019
10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. San Jose Water Company
1221 S Bascom Ave, San José, CA 95128

Workshop Topics 
The workshops focus on the importance of recycled water, the site supervisor’s role, guidelines for recycled water use, and an overview on how to successfully manage landscapes and cooling towers using recycled water.

Site supervisors should:
  • Be knowledgeable about recycled water and how it is manufactured
  • Be the contact person at your site
  • Be knowledgeable about the practices and procedures of using recycled water
  • Be responsible for the safe and efficient use of recycled water
  • Provide training to operations personnel
  • Maintain drawings of your site
  • Communicate all recycled water rules and regulations to operations personnel
  • Inform your retail water agency of all reportable events or incidents 

Some basic guidelines for recycled water use include: avoiding cross connections, maintaining proper signage, and completing annual self-inspection reports. Additional guidelines are provided in the Customer Information Manual that attendees of the workshop receive. At the workshop, SBWR will review specific landscape development and maintenance issues, provide examples and suggestions, and answer questions.

SBWR must be notified of the recycled water site name, site address, and meter number(s) of sites for which you will be the site supervisor. Please provide this information on the day of the workshop.

Site Supervisors Training Workshop Video Series
The Site Supervisors Training Workshop video series are required to provide key background information prior to attending the workshop. Your attendance affirms that you have viewed all three videos in the series prior to the workshop date. Information in the videos will be included on the training test as part of the Certification Training. View the Site Supervisors Training Workshop Video Series

Advance registration is required
Download the registration form
Fax or mail it in to the number and address on the form.

For questions regarding future workshops and registration information,
please email SBWR.