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1. Where do I request a San Jose Fire Department Incident or Fire Report?
2. Where can I dispose of prescription medications, paint, solvents, batteries, propane, fertilizers, pesticides, and other types of hazardous household waste?
3. Who do I contact if a fire hydrant is leaking or damaged?
4. If I wish to test the fire alarm or conduct a fire drill at my business, who should I contact?
5. Who do I contact for an inspection or to determine the occupancy of my residence or business?
6. Why do fire trucks use lights and sirens, even in the middle of the night when there is no traffic?
7. I saw a San Jose fire truck at a local grocery store or restaurant. Why do firefighters use fire trucks for non-emergency purposes while they are on duty?
8. Why does a fire truck come when I only requested an ambulance?
9. Why do you send so many fire vehicles to a fire, especially a small fire?
10. Can I burn leaves or brush in my yard?
11. Where can I purchase a Smoke Detector or Carbon Monoxide detector?
12. Where should I place my smoke detectors?
13. What is Carbon Monoxide and how does it harm you?
14. Where can I purchase a fire extinguisher?
15. How do I select a fire extinguisher?
16. Does the San Jose Fire Department service fire extinguishers?
17. Who should I contact to schedule a tour or of a fire station or visit from a local fire station?
18. Does the San Jose Fire Department offer child car safety seat checks and adjustments?
19. Does the San Jose fire department offer CPR, AED or First Aid training?
20. Does the San Jose Fire department offer Bicycle Licensing?